Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Kardashian Sisters Present: “Little Black Dress” Mini Collection

What do we have here? We’ve got 3 shapely sisters in 3 little black dresses posing prettily on the red carpet!

Khloe recently complained on the show that people call her “giant” or “amazonian woman”, even though she is only 5′9”. It’s all about the fact that she always poses next to her much shorter sisters: Kim is 5′2” and Kourtney is 5 feet tall. I even doubt that her BMI is (much) higher than Kim’s, because if you look at her, you can see that she is just: 1. Taller. 2. Shaped differently - she doesn’t have her sisters’ hourglass shape, but she looks great nonetheless.

How do you like the girls (and their dresses) here?


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