Thursday, April 9, 2009

Miranda Kerr: The Perfect Woman?

Miranda Kerr Luscious In Lingerie
Photo: Miranda Kerr Full Length In Lingerie

I think Miranda Kerr might just be the world's most perfect woman. I'm serious. Think about it...

Beautiful Face: she got those ludicrously cute dimples, big dewey eyes, lush lips, a button nose and she smiles so brightly she delivers enough wattage to power New York for a month.

Gorgeous Hair: would you look at that shiny, bouncy, glossy, silken chestnut brown mane of hers? I mean... it reminds me of a warm soft place where as a child I'd hiiiiiiide (with apologies to Axl Rose).

Perfectly Proportioned Boobies: bigger isn't always better when it comes to boobies - it has been said that more than a handful is a waste - well, she's got more than just a handful -- and they're just the right size to match the rest of her. And that's a nice.

Yummy Tummy: check out that long, lean torso and toned abs... you could and would really like to eat your dinner off of that... or just lick the belly button for hours...

Loooooonnnngggg Legs: Those delightful, delicious, delectable long and lean legs of hers go on for miles... for miles I tells ya!

She's Australian: Australian babes are down to earth, know how to laugh and have a good time and DRINK BEER! Yup, no girlie, fruit laden drinks for an Aussie gal. Cool.

Well Sexy Celebrity Girlz thinks it's a pretty strong case... but you'll just have to make up your own mind. I hope these spectacular Victoria's Secret lingerie pics help you enjoy coming to a decision - Cheers!

Miranda Kerr Sexy Bra
Photo: Miranda Kerr Sexy Push-Up Bra
Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret Dream Angel Ad
Photo: Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Ad


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