Friday, March 20, 2009

Kaminey stills

I cant wait to watch this movie. Shahid plays a double role and Priyanka a maharashtrian.

From wikipedia:
Kaminey is a story about identical twins, in early twenties, hoping to leave the squalor behind and move into a life of prosperity and dignity. But the similarity ends here. Intercut between the parallel stories of the brothers as they run to protect themselves is their dreams and their love until a point where it converges and the brothers meet to realize that they only have each other.

Guddu and Charlie are brothers, born and raised in Dharavi, the world's largest slum dwelling in the heart of the megalopolis, Mumbai.

Guddu works as a trainee in a small NGO firm in the city. He hopes to climb up to the top of the corporate ladder. He wants to be a bona fide member of the burgeoning Indian middle class. His career has only just begun though and the road to bourgeoisie is both long and arduous. Yet Guddu up for it. He is honest, diligent and careful. One defining characteristic about Guddu is that he stammers, especially while careful.

Charlie makes a living hedging bets at the race course. He moves around the plush hordes of the rich and famous at the races. For him this is just a way to make quick money and he dreams of becoming a legitimate bookie one day. Charlie is street smart, wily and brave. And only for himself. While Guddu stammers, Charlie has a lisp.

The brothers don't like each other. They believe they have nothing in common. The brothers have built their lives so that they never meet. They believe it's only a question of time before they are out of each other's sight forever.


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