Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Magic Tree House

I am pleased to inform you that the Magic Tree House room is complete.

We want to say a special thank you to our client Deborah who had a big part in the overall direction of the project (it helps to have a client with a great eye for design, color, and space). We hope to do more work with her in the future. THANKS DEBORAH!!

The room now has a swing and a climbing rope for the kids (pulls in the overall look)

The armoire quickly became a large focus element within the room - including with it a fun element for the kids (the library ladder). The armoire was designed to fit within the overall look of the room and was painted with the same techniques used on the floor armoire below the treehouse. The standing armoire was also wired for the families TV in order to make a clean look. Size of the armoire comes out to almost 11 feet by 9 feet (BIG!)

The rope detail at the top of the ladder and the drybrushing on all the hardware was added in order to pull in elements from the treehouse (on the other side of the room).

multiple doors and drawers.

Yes, that’s a flat screen TV in the middle. The TV makes this room a great location for a quiet night of movies, or exciting Wii competitions for the entire family. You can store your favorite DVDs and Wii games in any of the drawers. Have your pick.

Let’s take a look at the other side of the room.

Note the new vegetable signs we added. Don’t they make that corner much more fun than it used to be?

Looking down from the tree house. The “vegetable buckets” are great containers for crayons, scissors and what not.

The best part is, once the kids are done with drawing, you can just lift the table up and it becomes a magnetic chalk board. A great place to proudly display the children’s artwork. (our client Deborah found a great recipe online for mixing our own chalkboard paint in order to match the sky blue - it worked great) It took 7 coats of magnetic paint and 3 coats of chalkboard blue —- YIKES!

The inside of the drawers are carpeted, so delicate things are welcomed :)

(same carpet as in the treehouse floor)



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