Friday, March 13, 2009

Luck by chance?

Well, I am not talking about the movie Luck By chance. I want to discuss how some celebs[bollywood or from India] get lucky by chance.

Who else but our very own Freida Pinto is the best example of this. She was rejected by Bollywood for being skinny, was not even known in India until Slumdog happened to her. Now she is the face of estee lauder, the front bencher at the Paris/Milan fashion week. No indian has ever got this famous across the world. Is she a great actor? No. If not for slumdog, we would not even know her.

I am not talking of Freida pinto in a bad way, so please freida fans, dont get me wrong. I am talking about luck by chance here:)

Which other celebs can you think who is lucky by chance?. I think all star kids come in this category?


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